Wednesday, September 11, 2013

10 out of 10

We can not say enough good things about your cabins.  We stayed in Oak Grove Cabins two times before over the past couple of years (at cabin 2) and loved it.  When we saw that you had new cabins we had to try them.  We got really lucky because someone had to cancel only a few days prior and we saw it open online by a chance since I have the page bookmarked.  We stayed at your new Walnut Grove Dogwood Cabin and it was amazing.  I love the elevated deck!  We loved sitting outside at the table at dinner and the hot tub at night.  Even though it was a little hot we still got in the hot tub!  It was a little too hot still to have a fire, but I saw that you have plenty of wood ready.  Cant wait to come back.

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