Sunday, November 11, 2007

Please tell us what you think

We have had so many guests say that they would like to have a place on line to share their stay on line.

I would love to hear what our guests think!

Here is what some of our comment cards have said:

We loved our stay, it was the perfect setting. We will be back. 03/07

Thank you for sharing your cabin. It is the perfect place to relax, 05/07

You have thought of everything. We felt very comfortable and had a great time. 06/07

Best cabin ever! 08/07

Oak Grove Cabins Rock! 09/07 (this was a honeymoon couple that even left us a photo!)

You have a great place and your pictures do not do it justice. 11/07

Like it said, I really love this business because I love to hear from our guests, so I hopefully will hear from you.