Friday, April 16, 2010

Thank you note

Hi Dorothy!

I just wanted to follow up in writing what I told you over the phone. Maybe
you'll want to print this out and fit it into your Guess Comment scrapbooks
on the end table. I am delighted with your place! You seem to have spared
no expense in constructing, decorating and outfitting the cabin. I'll be
surprised if you tell me you don't hold a PhD in Hospitality Management. I
say this, in part, because of the time and effort you took in compiling that
massive fount of tourist information in the binder on the coffee table. You
left nothing out, thinking to include even Google maps to help locate
stores, etc.

Although the cabin and everything in it is attractive, what I like best is
the location. It is quiet and peaceful, especially at night, which is
something I always hope for when looking forward to spending some vacation
time in a cabin setting. That isn't always guaranteed, but I quickly found
out that Oak Grove Cabins would not disappoint me in this regard. It's nice
you're able to offer your guests a quiet setting, while at the same time
allowing them to be conveniently close to the "big city" for all its goods
and services.

Thanks for an enjoyable and memorable stay!